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Installation / APU4c2 1.10.2b102 vs 2.11.1b140
« on: August 10, 2017, 12:21:38 PM »
Managed to get t1n1wall 1.10.2b102 installed and configured for IPv6 (6to4) - would ideally like to get native IPv6 installed and working. Tried with 2.11.1b140 - but I had to keep disabling pf in order to gain access to the web interface - must be something in the config file (that works fine on 1.10.2b102 but mungs up 2.11.  Only issue on 1.10 is LAN DHCP server "Only respond to reserved clients listed below" does not work.

So far I have maximum throughput - so everything seems to be working for 1.10 at the moment (except reservations). Trying to figure out IPv6 is like pulling teeth - especially when trying to match up terms and settings.

If you want feedback on installing and configuring 2.11 and trouble shooting logs etc. let me know, and I'll give it another go.

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